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Fact Check Your On-Farm Trials

Posted by Katie McWhirter on 7/9/20 8:15 AM

New agronomy products are being brought to market every year, with claims of adding bushels to your bottom line. Every farmer is curious whether or not these products actually perform. Whether it’s micros, in-furrow, seed treatment, fungicide, or biologicals, farmers want proof that a product will perform on their own acres. Most are willing to try a new product or two on a few acres to see what will happen before they invest in every acre. However, how they analyze that data is essential to getting a clear picture to that product’s success.

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Buyer’s Remorse – Get Started with Precision Farming

Posted by Katie McWhirter on 1/7/20 2:26 PM

/prəˈsiZHən/ noun
the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.

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Premier Crop Systems, based out of Des Moines, IA, started in 1999 to deliver better agronomic decisions through data analysis that lead to higher yields, increased profits and more sustainable practices for customers. 


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