On-Farm Trials

Why You Should Test Products On Your Own Farm

Most have the technology to test products on their farm, but it's important to conduct in-depth of analysis. Premier Crop offers multiple testing methods including a patented scientific approach of randomized, replicated trials executed through a prescription and harvested with your own equipment.

Learning Blocks

Test Your Rates with Learning Blocks

Premier Crop has trademarked the name Learning Blocks™ and have automated the process for analyzing yields inside Learning Blocks compared to the surrounding area via planting, fertilizer and other inputs.
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Hybrid Selection

Discover the Best Hybrids For Your Field

To truly understand what might be impacting yield and profitability, you need to go deeper. It’s not enough to know that Hybrid A beat Hybrid B in a trial. You need to know how that can change a hybrid selection decision next season. Where should I place Hybrid A? Where did it perform the best? 
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Agronomic Intelligence

Enhanced Learning Blocks allow us to experimentally establish causation

ELBs represent a breakthrough in generating new agronomic knowledge cost-effectively, and on a much larger scale than ever before possible.
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Sarah manages the Premier Crop Systems Elite Trial Network. Leading the efforts in new agronomic knowledge creation, the Premier Crop Elite Trial Network is comprised of professional growers and companies desiring to trial new products or validate existing products. Using advanced on-farm testing methods, growers leverage technology to execute trials with a high confidence level at the speed of farming.


Sarah Windhorst Premier Crop Systems

Premier Crop

Real world agronomy is complex.  To do it right, no one can make what is complex, simple but we can make it easier. That’s what Premier Crop does – we don’t take short-cuts or pretend we have all the answers. We work with you, as an extension of your farm, organizing data into one system, constantly testing and checking if our work is right. We’re different because we don’t tell you what to do, we work with you to grow your farm with your goals as our measurement of success.