Our guide shows you how to get started in precision ag — with none of the bull...well you, know.

Cut right through the bull with a solution that makes sense.

We don't like to use fluffy language and BS buzzwords to "sell" precision farming. No, we like to make things simple — and let our results do the talking.

Precision ag involves a lot of extra work. But that's why our team is here to do the work for you. Our advisors take care of everything, from organizing your field data to even doing the legwork of contacting seed dealers and consultants. Meaning all you have to do is farm!

We're here to advise you every step of the way, using our 20-plus years of experience to help you turn your data into dollar signs. Making decisions about your field has never been this easy!


Mike Pellet screenshot


"There's a lot of other players that have entered the marketplace in the last few years, but not a single one of them has the depth and the breadth of information that we can get through Premier."

— Mike Pellett

Atlantic, IA

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"Premier Crop is a program that is second to none. It really gives us the ability to not just look at a snapshot of our operation but to take a holistic look, all the way from start to finish and from purchase to profitability."

— Kevin Poppel

Albert Lea, MN

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"You cannot feel your improvement unless you are able to measure it. And that's what Premier Crop has brought to us: the ability to measure each different resource as it's utilized on the farm and being able to turn that into dollars and cents."

— Bill Pellett

Atlantic, IA


What will you get in this guide?

New, low-risk approaches to testing field variables
Tips for leveraging technology in your field
Easy-to-understand data insights that drive profits