Precision Ag

Real world agronomy is complex.  To do it right, no one can make what is complex, simple but we can make it easier. That’s what Premier Crop does – we don’t take short-cuts or pretend we have all the answers. We work with you, as an extension of your farm, organizing data into one system, constantly testing and checking if our work is right. We’re different because we don’t tell you what to do, we work with you to grow your farm with your goals as our measurement of success.

Virtually all precision ag companies love to display data using colorful maps. Premier Crop is just as guilty as any other company of ignoring the 10% of our customers that can't see differences in our red-to-green yield maps.

The best data is color blind! It isn't cleansed or stored or manipulated to tilt the results in one direction or another. Color blind data has no stake in what product or rate wins. Read more about color blind data.


In tough economic times, it is more imperative than ever to know your productivity and be able to evaluate the cost or benefit of your decisions. Our mission at Premier Crop is to make this easy for you and give you multiple ways to evaluate across your operation. 

The first measurement is the cost per bushel on a spatial level to give you a new look at each individual area of your field. Read more of our three part series focusing on ways to determine your field profitability using your technology.  Part 1Part 2Part 3.

As a farmer you are tasked with making over 40 important business decisions each year, which is no small task.  These decisions can relate to anything from finance, product knowledge, agronomic knowledge, marketing, machinery repair/service, buying and negotiating skills, and computer skills. It's no wonder that as a farmer you have been known for being the “Jack of all trades,” however, how big of risk can you afford to take when it relates to making all of these decisions confidently?

Using a precision ag service on your farm will reduce your risk and give you the confidence in the decisions you make. Get a team of experts that can help you make important data-driven decisions so you can focus on what is most important to you.


Premier Crop Systems talks about how growers can use precision ag and put their technology to work by putting numbers along side their data so you can get the best ROI. Listen here

"In tough years, it's even more important to manage your inputs and to maximize profit. Way too often, I hear people want to maximize yield and, obviously, the more bushels you have, the more you have to sell. But if it costs you too much to raise, you might not have increased your profitability by increasing yield." – Eric Marchand, Britt, IA, Listen to northern Iowa farmer Eric Marchand’s podcast episode.


We all want to know that what we spend our money on is well worth it. No different than using farming Precision Ag technology and data that you have invested in. Whether that is machinery, monitors, crop protection or soil sampling data. You need to be using YOUR data to make the most accurate and confident decisions to utilize your analytics tools and technology investment.

Implementing a farm management system that organizes your most important farm information in one place can be eye-opening at first. You might be surprised that your original biases/thoughts/intuitions may not have been as "true" as you thought. Premier Crop Systems helps simplify and visualize where to best spend your input dollar and how it can improve profits across all of your acres. Read more about why you should be using farm analytic software.


Do you ever feel like you are collecting loads of data but it’s just sitting on a flash drive or in a cloud storage system doing little more than building a pretty map? Organizing and analyzing that data can seem like such a daunting task. Before you even get to organizing the data you need to figure out what data is worth collecting. With the help of a Premier Crop Advisor we help you prioritize your data and use farm analytics to make more confident decisions using your data.