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Nitrogen Strategies for your Fields

Posted by Mike Manning on 4/29/21 10:00 AM

"It convinces growers to spread those nitrogen pounds out over the course of the season or minimally making more than one application, and they see improved efficiency. We're talking about less pounds of nitrogen to produce a bushel of corn, and we generally see higher yields at the same time. So, it becomes a win-win." - Mike Manning

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Topics: Farm technology, Precision ag, crop protection, learning blocks, soil health, variable rate, economics, Farm Plan, nutrient removals, nitrogen

Does Grid Soil Sampling Pay?

Posted by Mike Manning on 10/15/20 10:15 AM

"Premier Crop promotes grid soil sampling
because it's sound agronomics.
Grid Soil Sampling makes sense to manage your farm better
at a spatial level. Bottom line, at the end of the day,
what matters on the farm is profitability."
- Mike Manning

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Determining the right seeding rate

Posted by Mike Manning on 4/9/20 8:15 AM

As the calendar turns to April, and the 2020 planting season nears, many producers are finalizing planting plans. Your planting operation (hybrid and variety selection, seeding rate decisions, and the execution of it all) will lay a critical foundation for your 2020 growing season.  

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The best tools to increase farm efficiency

Posted by Mike Manning on 2/20/20 8:15 AM

Some questions that get asked often about precision ag, and precision tools in general, are “what makes sense for my operation?” or “how do I get started?

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