The Importance of Yield Efficiency, Group Data, and Benchmarking

Fall Tillage Practices and Cover Crops

How Variable Rate Helps Manage the Rising Cost of Fertilizer

4 Informational Tips You Need to Go Beyond Yield

Two Reasons Your Data Will Lead to Greater Profitability

3 Ways to Start Utilizing Your Data

Farm Analytics Show Valuable Insights

Variable Rate Seeding Pays: Stretch More Bushels out of Every Acre

Use Agronomic and Economic Data to Make Management Decisions

5 Surprising Things About Ag Technology

Why You Need Farm Analytics Software

Making Fungicide Decisions with InSiteCDM

Response to Fungicide: It Varies

Understanding In-Season Decisions with Economics

How to Collect Data for Farm Analytics

Use farm analytics to make improvements on your operation

Are High Yields More Profitable?

Benchmark your Farm Data

Put Your Data To Work

Understand Your Field Profitability

Get Started Using Your Farm Data

How Yield Efficiency Can Impact Your Operation

Nitrogen Strategies for your Fields

Unlock Insights to Your Farming Operation

Six Frustrations with Precision ag

Big Data With Local Context

Managing Profitability with Ag View Solutions

Three Steps to Combine Farm Agronomics and Economics

Measuring Success With On-Farm Planning

Precision Ag: Expectations vs Reality

Yield Efficiency at a Year-End Grower Meeting with SciMax Solutions

Does Carbon Sequestration Pay?

Why You Need a Farm Plan

What Can You Do With Your Farm Data?

Improving Farm Efficiency with Nutrient Planning

3 Reasons Why Yield Efficiency is the Best New Profitability Measurement

What Does a Year End Meeting Look Like with a Premier Crop Partner?

Using Data for Hybrid and Variety Seed Selection

The State of Ag and Business with Damian Mason

Three ways to Use Data to Be More Profitable

Three Top Examples of Agronomics and Economics with ProTech Partners

Benefits to using your yield monitor

Farm Finance Featured on the Farm 4 Profit Podcast

Does Grid Soil Sampling Pay?

Create a Nutrient Plan

Why Use Variable Rate Prescriptions?

Yield Efficiency as a New Measurement of Profitability

Creating a Farm Plan Matters

Manage Your Seed Investment

The benefits of a farm plan

Managing your Fields for success

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Leveraging Big Data

Fact Check Your On-Farm Trials

Change and Innovation in the Middle of a Crisis

Verifying In-season Applications and Profits

Precision Ag as a Service - Should it be a Service on Your Farm?

How Technology has changed Agriculture

Using DataView to Improve Crop Scouting

Protecting crop profits with precision ag

What type of data should you collect for farm analytics?

How precision ag has changed through the years

The value of precision ag during tight economic times

Determining the right seeding rate

Measure financial impacts of agronomic decisions

Discovering the Value of Efficiency in Farming

Share Your Farm Data?

Getting started with variable rate prescriptions

The best tools to increase farm efficiency

Real Agronomic Complexity

How to use management zones

Success in VR Seeding

Dig Deep Into Data

Use Data to Drive Cuts

Quality Data: Is Bad Data better than No Data?

What is efficiency in farming?

Use multiple layers of data to make an informed crop decision

Use Your Data to Set SMART Goals

Buyer’s Remorse – Get Started with Precision Farming

Use Your Data to Make Decisions

Who Owns the Knowledge?

Data Leads to Input Decisions

The Best Agronomics are the Best Economics

Thankful for Harvest Bounty

Using Data to Measure Hybrid and Variety Performance

Don't Farm Averages

Premier Crop Announces New President and CEO

Data May Reduce Rent

Discover Agronomic Synergies

Back to the Basics

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Give Your Data Purpose with a Yield Efficiency Score

Analyzing Your Yield Map

One Rate Doesn't Fit All

Measuring Yield Efficiency Using a Visualization Platform

Moving Beyond Correlation

Does Variable Rate Anything Pay?

Understand Why Hybrid and Variety Yields Vary

Every Acre Is Unique

Best Average Rate Costs Profits

More Data Helps Data Driven Decisions

Trust...But Verify

Time to Scrutinize ROI

Crop Research: Evidence-based Decisions

The Precision Ag "Easy" Button

Precision Ag: Understand What is Profit Limiting

How to Lower Your Breakeven Cost Per Bushel

Paving the Way to Easy Data Transfer

Intuition Doesn't Match Data

Produce (a lot) More with Less

Are you applying the right rates?

THREE Ways to Determine Field Profitability Using Your Technology {Pt. 3}

Making The Data Deliver

THREE Ways to Determine Field Profitability Using Your Technology {Pt. 2}

Select the right seed for your field

THREE Ways to Determine Field Profitability Using Your Technology {Pt. 1}

Can “Unhealthy” Soils Consistently Produce Exceptional Yields?

AgProfessional Podcast Featuring Premier Crop's Molly Haub

Remove the Guessing and Make Data Driven Decisions

Why You Should Test Products on Your Own Farm

Learning Blocks

Premier Crop's new ELBs allow us to experimentally establish causation

Data by the Bushel

Compare Apple to Apples

Compare Real Benchmarks

Data Builds Confidence

Color Blind Data

Cost Per Bushel

Build Your Nutrient Data

Compare Field Yields

Surrogate Data

Find Profit in Data

When Two Negatives Make a Positive


Premier Crop Systems, based out of Des Moines, IA, started in 1999 to deliver better agronomic decisions through data analysis that lead to higher yields, increased profits and more sustainable practices for customers. 


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