Benefits to using your yield monitor

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/5/20 10:15 AM

"You're capable of using your yield monitor to measure,
do trials and check if your plan actually worked.
It's so much easier than it used to be." - Dan Frieberg

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Why you should use farm analytic software?

Posted by Kevin Kruize on 4/2/20 8:15 AM

Do you get frustrated when you feel someone is biased towards a product, service, or certain brand?  Biased information can end up being very frustrating and even costly to your operation. Now think about how you make decisions on your farming operation. Do you have any bias on how different fields respond to a certain seed, fertilizer, or crop protection product? Allowing your bias to persuade field decisions can be very costly and frustrating as well. Your knowledge of your own farm is invaluable. Using farm analytics can enhance your decision making by removing or challenging the bias with objective analysis.  

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Share Your Farm Data?

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 2/27/20 8:10 AM

It’s hard to avoid hearing about the promise of “big data.” Thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations, it is also easy to spin conspiracy theories. There are many big-data analytics examples cited, such as Amazon and Netflix. They suggest books and movies we may enjoy based on what we have “liked” in the past or what other people who seem similar to us like. Google, the National Security Agency and others evidentially collect data bout what we search, what and whom we email, and much more.

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Real Agronomic Complexity

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 2/11/20 8:10 AM

Several years ago, I had customers tell me we could grow our company a lot faster if we had something like their planter monitor that flashed the dollars being lost from poor singulation. We needed something visual on a display, changing as growers moved across their fields to get their attention. Something cool.

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Dig Deep Into Data

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 1/29/20 8:15 AM

One of the services Premier Crop provides growers with is community or group data analysis from a regional basis. Growers can confidentially and anonymously share their field data with other growers in their region though written data-sharing agreements. Group data analysis compliments field- and grower- level analysis; growers receive actionable field intelligence they can use on their own fields.

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Quality Data: Is Bad Data better than No Data?

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 1/22/20 8:15 AM

If you’ve ever traveled to London and been a passenger on their subway system, the "tube," you’ve heard the phrase “mind the gap.” It’s kind of funny because that’s not how Americans would say it. We’d probably say “watch your step.” The long straight cars and the curves in the tracks cause the gaps between the train cars and the loading platform; therefore, passengers are warned to “mind the gap.”

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Use Your Data to Set SMART Goals

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 1/9/20 8:17 AM

At the inaugural Ag Data Conference, Aaron Rahe, one of our Premier Crop advisors, shared his perspective on how he works with his grower customers. Premier Crop was fortunate to hire Aaron is an Iowa farm kid, as he finished his MBA after his five-year stint with the U.S, Navy. Aaron carries his military and business training into how he approaches his work with growers.

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Who Owns the Knowledge?

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 12/19/19 8:14 AM

Agronomically, most of us are “land grant” educated. Land grant universities were established with the Merrill Act in the 1860s and served to make the higher education affordable to the masses, including a lot of farm kids. By design, they had an agricultural focus – both in research and education. Even if we did not attend our state’s Land Grant or follow their sports teams, they are the foundation for most of the industry’s agronomic knowledge.

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Data May Reduce Rent

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 10/29/19 8:08 AM

When I’m visiting with growers and advisers, I frequently say that maps are a great way to view data, but the real power lies within the data file that the map represents.

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Analyzing Your Yield Map

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 9/17/19 8:13 AM

Hunters and soil scientists may seem like an odd pairing but they have at least one thing in common – they know and appreciate that nature has an aversion to straight lines. Hunters spend a lot of time in and observing the great outdoors and getting an up-close look at the variability Mother Nature molded upon our landscape. Soil scientists not only spend time looking at the curvy contour lines that represent the transition from one soil type to another but their academic training is about the "how's and why's" of soil formation over the centuries.

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