How to efficiently collect data for farm analytics

Posted by Molly Haub on 7/2/20 8:15 AM

There are a lot of data points that need to be collected, verified, and entered to get a full-scope picture of your operation for analytics purposes. To collect data efficiently, it’s important to first have a good plan, keep notes as you go, collect in a timely manner, and verify that data matches what happened.

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Change and Innovation in the Middle of a Crisis

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 6/30/20 8:15 AM

Darren Fehr and Dan Frieberg talk about
how change and innovation
can be created through a crisis
in our latest podcast.

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Verifying In-season Applications and Profits

Posted by Brenton Rossman on 6/25/20 10:15 AM

"With alternative things like fungicide, you definitely want to see if that's paying for itself. Historically, the InSiteCDM program is showing every year that it pays for itself. With that knowledge, it makes you more willing to spend the money to put on a fungicide. You wonder, should I or shouldn't I do it? But when you look at the data, you'll know if it works." - Shaun Wolf, 

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Precision Ag as a Service - Should it be a Service on Your Farm?

Posted by Kevin Kruize on 6/18/20 10:15 AM

As a farmer you are tasked with making over 40 important business decisions each year, which is no small task.  These decisions can relate to anything from finance, product knowledge, agronomic knowledge, marketing, machinery repair/service, buying and negotiating skills, and computer skills. It's no wonder that as a farmer you have been known for being the “Jack of all trades,” however, how big of risk can you afford to take when it relates to making all of these decisions confidently?

When you look at other successful businesses, they make important decisions by utilizing a team of experts to research the problem and analyze each outcome. While the manager may make the final decision, it was done by relying on input, data and research from others. I've witnessed over the last 15 years working with growers that grower who use precision ag and data have outpaced their neighbors. Their data impacts and influences many important decisions they make to help them continuously learn from their fields.

When growers work with an educated agronomic advisor partnered with a precision ag system they see data the helps them drive decisions. But the communication with a person is a huge value, beyond the data.

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How Technology has changed Agriculture

Posted by Brenton Rossman on 6/11/20 10:15 AM
A legacy for generations in the Rossman Family

There are no right or wrong answers to the title of this blog, How Technology has changed agriculture, instead there are too many to write about. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and our work more efficient.  Depending on your age (generation) your answers to this question will differ.  I decided to ask my dad and grandpa what technologies have had the most impact on their farming careers.  

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Using DataView to Improve Crop Scouting

Posted by Ruth Blomquist on 6/5/20 7:30 AM
A look at Emergence in West Central Iowa

With planting finished up and warm weather finally here, crop scouting can provide valuable information about crop conditions and give early indications about issues that may impact final yield. The DataView app is a great tool to help make scouting easier and more efficient. 

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Protecting crop profits with precision ag

Posted by Brenton Rossman on 5/28/20 8:15 AM

"In tough years, it's even more important to manage your inputs and to maximize profit. Way too often, I hear people want to maximize yield and, obviously, the more bushels you have, the more you have to sell. But if it costs you too much to raise, you might not have increased your profitability by increasing yield." – Eric Marchand, Britt, IA

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What type of data should you collect for farm analytics?

Posted by Elisabeth Haager on 5/5/20 8:15 AM

Do you ever feel like you are collecting loads of data but it’s just sitting on a flash drive or in a cloud storage system doing little more than building a pretty map? Organizing and analyzing that data can seem like such a daunting task. Before you even get to organizing the data you need to figure out what data is worth collecting. With the help of a Premier Crop Advisor we help you prioritize your data and use farm analytics to make more confident decisions using your data.

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How precision ag has changed through the years

Posted by Aaron Seifert on 4/23/20 8:15 AM

My grandpa turns 91 years old this spring, has farmed for 75 years, and retired last fall. I can’t help but think of all the changes he’s seen in agriculture during his lifetime. From equipment to genetics, chemistry, and technology, the changes seem almost endless. Though he’s made numerous advancements in his operation, change didn’t always come easily. When I was selling hardware, I thought auto-steer would be a great addition for him. I think his exact words were “If you can’t drive straight, you shouldn’t be farming!” He eventually adapted, but it’s not easy to let go of the wheel when you’ve driven for that many years. He started farming with horses and now he runs a 500 horsepower QuadTrac steered by satellites.

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The value of precision ag during tight economic times

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 4/16/20 8:15 AM

"At the end of the day, one of the things I hope comes out of this, is a new appreciation for what agriculture does, and what the food industry and all of us are about, just the totality of what agriculture does for the American consumer and for the world."

- Dan Frieberg

In this Premier Podcast, where everything agronomic is economic. We invite you to listen to Aaron Seifert, Business Development Manager in the West, and Dan Frieberg, Co-founder of Premier Crop Systems and VP of Technical Services, discuss the value of precision agriculture during tight economic times.

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