Why You Should Test Products on Your Own Farm

Posted by Sarah Windhorst on 1/24/19 12:04 PM

Why should you test products on your own farm? Your farm is unique and you have the equipment capabilities and data to conduct those trials. With little risk, you can have a more robust dataset than many companies.  I’ll explain…

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Learning Blocks

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/26/18 4:22 PM

Some people remember phone numbers or slender dates; I remember farm fields. Before the 2005 crop year, the program leaders for Central Advantage from Central Valley Cooperative in southern Minnesota asked me to help generate variable-rate planting prescriptions. The primary question was “agronomically, what makes sense?”

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Premier Crop's new ELBs allow us to experimentally establish causation

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/26/18 4:06 PM

Throughout Premier Crop’s nearly 20-year history, we’ve perhaps been the most diligent at communicating that what we do – big data analysis – would be considered “observational data analysis,” which can show relationships and correlations, but stops short of providing cause and effect.

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Data by the Bushel

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/26/18 4:05 PM

A commercial partnership brings combined analysis of financial records and field productivity to Syngenta growers.

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Compare Apple to Apples

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/26/18 4:03 PM

You are likely asked for next years seed order many times before harvest even begins. In that case, one of the first decisions you probably will make using your yield data is which numbers to plant the following year.

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Compare Real Benchmarks

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/26/18 4:01 PM

Telling customers they are underperforming never seemed like a great business model to me. Benchmarking can have that exact effect – 60% aren’t performing well if you remember teachers grading on the curve back in school. Those at the top of the curve might enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are the stars, but how do you gently push the below-average customers to step up their game?

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Are High Yields More Profitable?

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/21/18 2:37 PM

Do you ever consider why there is so much focus on producing ever higher yields per acre? What's your reason why you focus on yields? Is it a feeling of social responsibility to help feed the world? Is it from a sense of pride? Winning a contest? Are you wired to achieve – a constant quest to do better? Is it a leftover from your school days or parenting - always wanting to have a great report card?

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Data Builds Confidence

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/21/18 2:30 PM

Are you confident? Where does that confidence come from? From your life experiences? From your successes? Even your failures? What about the decisions you make in your crop production business? Are you confident in the decisions you make?

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Color Blind Data

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/21/18 2:14 PM

I grew up attending a small rural Iowa Methodist church and the theology from the pulpit was all about being "color blind". Of course, the irony was that we all looked the same. The color blind theology was all about seeing beyond the surface – looking deeper to find real values versus making judgements based on what's on the surface. 

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Beyond Pretty Maps

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/21/18 2:09 PM

For more than a decade, GPS technology has allowed you to capture variability within a field – from yield to soils, fertility, pH, varieties, variable rate application and agronomic treatments. Meaning more than likely, you have accumulated binders full of color maps and hard drives full of files.

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