THREE Ways to Determine Field Profitability Using Your Technology {Pt. 1}

Posted by Molly Haub on 3/5/19 8:04 AM

This is a three part series focusing on ways to determine your field profitability using your technology. We will post the series over the course of two months. If you don't want to wait, you can get the full series here.

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Topics: Farm technology, data analytics, Precision ag, Ag technology, management zones, cost per bushel, learning blocks

AgProfessional Podcast Featuring Premier Crop's Molly Haub

Posted by Molly Haub on 2/14/19 3:04 PM

Molly Haub, @molly_barnhart,  of Premier Crop Systems talks about how growers can use their technology to work for them by putting numbers along side their data so you can get the best ROI. 

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Topics: Farm technology, Precision ag, Ag technology, cost per bushel

Remove the Guessing and Make Data Driven Decisions

Posted by Laura Kelley on 2/12/19 8:15 AM

As farmers face another year with challenging markets and high inputs, we as agronomic advisors continue to work with our clients in order to find where we can remove some of the guessing when it comes to the decision-making process of planning another season. It comes as no surprise to anyone that is involved in Agriculture that many areas saw higher than normal precipitation in 2018.

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Topics: Farming, data analytics, Precision ag, Ag technology, management zones, cost per bushel

Cost Per Bushel

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/21/18 1:19 PM

Premier Crop has been challenged by growers and industry skeptics. The recent euphoria over the value of grower's data has been a welcome change in that more growers are starting to value their data and wonder how to best put it to use. But having spent so much time with growers, I know that in the end the ultimate credibility test for every data offering will be "does it pay?"

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Topics: Precision ag, cost per bushel


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