AgProfessional Podcast Featuring Premier Crop's Molly Haub

Posted by Molly Haub on 2/14/19 3:04 PM

Molly Haub, @molly_barnhart,  of Premier Crop Systems talks about how growers can use their technology to work for them by putting numbers along side their data so you can get the best ROI. 

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Topics: cost per bushel, Ag technology, Precision ag, Farm technology

Beyond Pretty Maps

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/21/18 2:09 PM

For more than a decade, GPS technology has allowed you to capture variability within a field – from yield to soils, fertility, pH, varieties, variable rate application and agronomic treatments. Meaning more than likely, you have accumulated binders full of color maps and hard drives full of files.

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Topics: Farm technology

Compare Field Yields

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/21/18 1:14 PM

Got data? You may be thinking, "Yes, I have plenty of it", or maybe, "No, how do I get it?" Even if you have no precision-ag data, chances are you have this data.

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Topics: Farm technology


Premier Crop Systems is a leading precision ag, data processing and analysis company in Des Moines, Iowa. Premier Crop Systems started in 1999 to deliver better agronomic decisions through data analysis that lead to higher yields, increased profits and more sustainable practices for customers. 


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