Don't Farm Averages

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/12/19 8:15 AM

Sometimes “averages” can be your worst enemy.

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Premier Crop Announces New President and CEO

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 11/8/19 8:00 AM

Premier Crop Systems is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Darren Fehr as President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Fehr previously held the position of Director, Sales & Marketing with Premier Crop Systems and will succeed Dan Frieberg. As Dan transitions toward retirement, he will remain actively engaged in the company as Vice President, Technical Services.

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Managing Fall-Applied Nitrogen

Posted by Tony Licht on 11/5/19 9:00 AM
Managing nitrogen fertilizer applications and especially fall applied nitrogen is important for optimal plant nutrient availability, crop growth, and ultimately yield. Nitrogen is one of the three primarily nutrients needed for crop production and is a mobile nutrient in the soil. Losses of nitrogen can lead to less return on investment on fertilizer dollars spent and have environmental consequences.  Applications of nitrogen in the fall may be favorable to some farm operations to spread out workload and reduce the potential for spring field compaction. Some factors to consider before applying nitrogen in the fall are soil temperatures, forecast air temperatures, and using a nitrogen stabilization product.   
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Data May Reduce Rent

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 10/29/19 8:08 AM

When I’m visiting with growers and advisers, I frequently say that maps are a great way to view data, but the real power lies within the data file that the map represents.

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Discover Agronomic Synergies

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 10/15/19 8:12 AM

Is it possible that 3 and 2 can equal more than 5? That's the concept of synergy – when the "whole equals more than the sum of the parts". Within our company, we talk a lot about agronomic synergies. We see it in data analysis and we believe that discovering and capitalizing on agronomic synergies is an exciting part of our future in using data to make better decisions. 

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Back to the Basics

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 10/8/19 8:15 AM

I have never liked the warning "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression." It always seems to futile and irreversible. But one example that I encounter frequently relates to how variable rate applications were first positioned by the ag input industry. Years ago, when GPS was first allowing us to measure differences within fields and variable rate controller technology was being pioneered, the value proposition presented to most growers was "this will save you money."

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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 10/1/19 9:04 AM

Private colleges market their low faculty-student ratios to compete with the draw of big universities and the message is it's a place where we know your name. Insurance companies compete by selling the value of an agent when you have a claim vs. a phone number to call – the message is you are more than a number. These savvy marketers know that "me matters" – at some level most of us value being treated as the individuals we are. Being treated as though we are all the same as our peers – whether by age, gender, race, economic situation or other demographic insults our sense of being unique in the world.

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Give Your Data Purpose with a Yield Efficiency Score

Posted by Molly Haub on 9/26/19 8:15 AM

As you are gearing up for harvest, there is a nervous excitement. You are about to get your final grade for 2019. How did you do? Did you make money? Did your decisions for the year pay off? These questions may give you pause, how do you measure such a thing? Is it the check that comes in the mail from the elevator? Is it the number that comes across the combine monitor? Is it, if your harvest map is green instead of red? 

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Topics: data driven decisions, yield efficiency

Analyzing Your Yield Map

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 9/17/19 8:13 AM

Hunters and soil scientists may seem like an odd pairing but they have at least one thing in common – they know and appreciate that nature has an aversion to straight lines. Hunters spend a lot of time in and observing the great outdoors and getting an up-close look at the variability Mother Nature molded upon our landscape. Soil scientists not only spend time looking at the curvy contour lines that represent the transition from one soil type to another but their academic training is about the "how's and why's" of soil formation over the centuries.

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Topics: data analytics, yield analysis, yield map

One Rate Doesn't Fit All

Posted by Dan Frieberg on 9/10/19 8:09 AM

When I began my career in crop production, we would routinely pull 20 soil sample cores, mix the cores in a bucket, pour one pound into a sample bag, send it off to the lab, get the results back and then pretend that what was on the sheet of paper accurately represented the nutrient levels for the entire field. While that may have been the best we could do then, we can do much better now – but many are treating entire fields the same. The economics of grid or small-zone sampling fields and variable-rate applying lime, phosphorus and potassium need to be revisited by many growers and their advisers. Nutrient prices have tripled since grid sampling was first introduced, and grain prices have escalated from the $2.50 per bushel days – meaning the reward for managing your nutrient investment intensely has never been higher.

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